The Rural Association "Green Space"

Gosia Kowalska

Registered in May 2006, ours is an independent non-governmental organisation formed by people who share the idea of preserving the traditional character of the countryside together with its cultural achievements and natural values as well as stimulating its residents’ activity and harmonious socioeconomic development.

Our dream is that every village be a community vibrant with life and strong social bonds where any undertaken activity could be carried out in respect for the nature and the achievements of previous generations.

We believe that it is possible if other people follow our idea.

The Association details

Stowarzyszenie Wiejskie "Zielona Przestrzen"
Grabowo 55
78-425 Bialy Bor
National Court Register Number 0000256601
Regon Statistical Identification Number 300312351
Tax Identification Number 7811784772
Bank account
PL 38 2130 0004 2001 0392 5716 0001
Volkswagen Bank Polska S.A.

Our objectives

extract from the status:

  • to build open civil society and support countryside development according to the principles of sustainable development,
  • to provide equal opportunities to the countryside residents and tackle unemployment in the rural area,
  • to prevent discrimination, especially on the basis of sex, religion, disability, nationality, age, sexual orientation,
  • to propagate and protect women’s rights and to carry out activities supporting the equality of women and men’s rights,
  • to raise the ecological awareness level in the rural area,
  • to disseminate the idea of organic farming and forms of rural activity unconnected with agriculture,
  • to promote healthy lifestyle and environmental-friendly attitudes,
  • to awaken the sense of regional identity and support cultural and natural heritage of the countryside,
  • to encourage social integration of the disabled,
  • to support education in the rural area,
  • to encourage, conduct and propagate educational, cultural and artistic initiatives,
  • to promote and organize voluntary work.